Vitamin sprays designed for maximum health


Spray vitamins are 3x more effective than vitamins in pill or capsule form, boasting up to 90% nutrient absorption that enters your bloodstream within seconds. The efficiency and price of Verve Sprays that contain a 30-day supply in each tube gets you more bang for your buck.


Our sprays never contain gluten, eggs, dairy, artificial flavors or colors, starch, or salt. Hard chemicals, binders, and fillers commonly found in capsules aren’t part of our proprietary formula.


Sprays make prioritizing health easy. Slip a tube in your pocket or purse to take on the go, anywhere. Easy application for people with sensory sensitivity and disabilities, or those who find swallowing pills unpleasant.

Customer Reviews

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Debbie Carter

This was recommended by my pain management physician. It really works.The Melatonin Sleep Spray has you sleeping like a baby within 15 minutes after using it. I only use three sprays or I would not wake up the morning. Awesome product.

Dennis T
Definitely helped getting to sleep and staying asleep

My 30 year old son has had difficulty sleeping for several years. Once getting to sleep it was generally not restful. He’s tried sleep aids (waking up groggy), melatonin tablets (no real impact), etc.

I heard the ad on the Kevin Jackson Show and thought I’d get the sleep aid for my son. From the first night, he said there was an immediate positive effect. He went to sleep easily and woke, after 7 1/2 hours, refreshed. This has been the case for the past week. This product has definitely helped him.

The only negative has been the determination of how many sprays to use. That seems to have an effect (at least for him) of how quickly he falls to sleep.

Thank you

Shelly Mateer
Love this spray!

This stuff really works!! I love the spray vitamins because they get into your system quicker than pill-type vitamins. Thank you Verve Spray Vitamins!


I have now been using this product for a solid week, and where my experience and usage may
seem premature, let me just say, my doctor ask
me to try it for him. I am a professional racer, and throughout my career, I have managed to
put my body through havoc more times than I care to remember. I've struggled with sleep issues from the side effects of medication I
take. There is always that potential concern
from depending on prescription sleep meds
so yes, I welcome the opportunity to try this product. It has helped me fall asleep and sleep
a little longer than normal nights where I wake up several times. I have not experienced a bad
hung over type of feeling the next morning.
Would I recommend this product or give my formal endorsement? Well, no. I get paid a fee
for that purpose. Would I consider it ? Yes
I only put my name on products that I feel good about..


Leslie Jean Holker
Truly amazing sleep!

I bought this, because since my son was killed almost three years ago this month, I haven't been able to sleep. I am exhausted, but still couldn't sleep. I have been using this for over a week, and I have actually slept. Not just slept, but a deep sleep. Even if I have to get up in the middle of the night, I am able to fall right back to sleep. I would highly recommend this (and have) to anyone else who is unable to sleep.