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Our ENERGY Oral Spray formula combines power-house ingredients Vitamin B6, B12, and adaptogenic herbs to support healthy cognition, and improve recall and clarity with no harmful stimulants!

VERVE Performance Labs ENERGY Oral Spray is complex by nature. Cognitive supplements are typically sold separately, but our doctor-formulated spray combines select nootropic ingredients into a single formula known as a “nootropic stack”.

Not only does VERVE’S ENERGY taste great, but it also provides wholesome cognition-boosting natural ingredients in a safe and complementary way to enhance all areas of physical and mental performance and recovery.


Vitamin B6 | 2mg
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) | 300 mcg
Caffeine (natural coffee bean extract) | 5mg
Proprietary Herbal Blend | 15mg

Serving Size

8 sprays (0.45ml)


Our ENERGY spray is a drug-free adaptogenic supplement that supports healthy cognition and improves recall and clarity with no harmful stimulants!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
David G.
Fast energy boost

Works great on the go for a quick afternoon pick me up, faster than my usual coffee!

Scott Huesing

Everything about these products works. The portability, flavor, and most importantly the effectiveness of these products set them above anything I have ever tried. Highly recommended.

Margaret Quigg
Skinny is as Skinny DOES!

A friend suggested I try these vitamin sprays because she had such a great experience, I thought I would give a few of them a try. Skinny was first because I recently had a baby and put on a lot of weight. (I am also trying the energy spray because my husband and I are up with our new baby all night long!) So far its only been three weeks, but I have lost two pounds and when I use the spray I am not as hungry as I would be if I didn't take it. I am also eating sensibly but breast there's a barrier to loosing weight. Anyway, I am happily surprised at the beginning of the process and the fact that its working. I give the SKINNY on the SKINNY spray as being excellent!

Edward B.
Red Bull Replacement

I've been hooked on Red Bull for years, a friend recommended that I try Verve's energy spray to see if it helped. I went cold turkey on the Red Bull and tried using the spray consistently and the results are amazing! I feel clear, focused, and motivated. A great substitute for the chemical ridden energy drinks.

Shelby Baranski
Saying goodbye to energy drinks

A few sprays in the morning and you’re good to go! Seriously, I’m shocked how good this worked. AND the best part is I’m saving money from spending $ on energy drinks and coffee.